Design each the project is negotiated purely individually, the price of the project will depend on its functional component, the more opportunities, the more expensive the implementation of this project. For example, if you create a simple information site in several languages, then this will directly affect the price of the project. The average cost of creating not complex sites is $270 - $300. This does not include buying a domain or hosting, but at the time of development we provide our hosting absolutely free.

Price 3D development also depends on its complexity, the base estimate is $15 per hour, if the project it is necessary to spend quite a lot of time, then here we can stipulate in total the maximum number of hours, plus or minus, taking into account no greater error in time.

Regular projects we implement on our own engine WST to manage the site, we also familiarize with its capabilities customer, and also, if necessary, after the implementation of projects, we can release a short video lesson on managing this project.